Kropserkel Make-Up and Special Effects

Brenda Maple, Make-Up artist

Co-Director, Make-Up artist, and tailor of Kropserkel, Brenda Maple (in glamour make-up)

Fish FX, silicone prosthetics design, make-up application by Carlos Henriques of Complections Intl.  Click on image for page.

One of the Limey Birds, 'BUNNY'


Trauma make-up effects

Breathing in a sweaty mask all day can cause pale skin, bruising, blurred vision, and halitosis. It's a tough job, but somebody has got to do it! Serving the Emperor can really be trying on your deodorant, that's why I use.......

Edgar make-up on Geoff by Per Kapper (left). MIB Props by Scott Maple.

More pictures Worm Guy prop and the new Worm Guy 2000 
Pictures of the MIB guns


Darth Maul MAKE-UP

Sclera lenses shown in this test shot for pupil placement. Acrylic lenses designed and fashioned by Daphne Archibald. These lenses when painted will be facsimiles of DM's eyes. The process was fascinating and would make many squirm. A fast curing paste was injected into a specially designed eye cup. The cup was put on the eyeball like a full coverage lens and the casting material was injected through it directly onto the eyeball. The material cured on the eye to make a perfect impression of the shape so that lenses could be fashioned that would track with the eye and not be 'free floating' and the pupil would be perfectly aligned with the aperture. Brenda would later finish up this transformation with the DM make-up treatment.

Finished DM Make-Up Pictures click here




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