DM's Vestigial crown of horns

The finished 10 horn set. 8 with concave, 2 with convex bases for an optimal cranial fit and best adhesion from having the most contact. Each one of these is a custom sculpt job in a solid lightweight plastic. 

The EYES have it

Scott with the Lensquest 'Darth' soft contact lenses. Even the hottest days didn't make the water based make-up run, fortunately.  Running make-up in contact lens eyes is most unpleasant, not to mention dangerous.  If you ever plan on taking the DM costume this far, I cannot stress enough that you should do so only under the strict supervision and recommendation of an eye care professional.  Your vision isn't something you want to fool around with.

Pictured above is Daphne's custom crafted acrylic sclera lenses and Brenda's DM make-up application. Because moulds were taken of Scott's eyes, the lenses track perfectly with the pupil. Because the acrylic was opaque, the pupils were drilled out. Although the pupils are open to the air, the thickness of the lens, and the small aperture caused the lubrication to 'pool' in the drilled area making vision quality limited-this was later corrected after field testing with a larger aperture. A second lens developed on a clear acrylic did not require the drilled pupil. Custom soft contact lenses are used for longer wearing times as the hard sclera lenses are too difficult to wear for more than a couple of hours at a time. Four make-up types were used for this application of the colour pattern for Maul's face: Red and black rubber grease paint for it's adhesive qualities on the latex bald cap, and black and red water based make-up for the skin application. It was found later that the water based paint, if applied in layers, worked well on the bald cap too and therefore the grease paint could be eliminated (it's messy). Because of the tearing that the sclera lenses caused the water based black under the eyes tended to wash away causing the need for constant touch ups, so we have moved to the alcohol based 'Reel tattoo' black. Coincidently, this is the make-up that Paul Engelen ended up using too (for obvious reasons). I imagine that Ray Park wore the sclera lenses for the close up shots and wore soft contacts (or none at all) for the stunt work shots. When wearing hard acrylic sclera lenses it is not safe to shift your eyes around too rapidly as you run the risk of scratching the eye when the movement of the lens is restricted by the interior of the eye socket. Warning!: anyone attempting to wear anything in their eyes should do so only under the strict supervision of an eye care professional. Do not attempt to make anything for yourself that is to be worn on your eyes! Costuming may be important, but the protection of your eyes is a life long duty!


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Darth Maul Face effects

Vestigial Crown of Horns

Above: make-up and bald cap, 'Lensquest' eyes, hero horns in friendly plastic.

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The finished 10 horns: 8 concave, 2 convex for the temples and best adhesion.
Each one of these was a custom sculpt job.

A nice photo by Jonathan Scott of Maple looking unholy.

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