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General Information
General Manager, Brenda Maple
Marketing Director, Linda Lyons
President, Scott Maple

Kropserkel's frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In which films and television programs can Kropserkel work be seen?
Please check out our profile & credits page for our up-to-date production list. You may also search for us (Scott Maple, or Kropserkel on the Internet Movie Database).

Which external consumer based product lines have utilized Kropserkel prototypes?
Our licensee client list includes WSM Art Management (Germany), Master Replicas LLC (USA), The Hollywood Collectibles Group LLC (USA), and The Canadian Air and Space Musuem (Canada).

Does Kropserkel service the general public?
Yes, we do consider custom project work on a case by case basis, pending our workload limitations and interest in the proposed subject matter. Please note that we are unable to service each and every request, but we do make an effort to respond to all of our email.
We don't host an order page, but recommend that you contact us directly by email about what you are interested in having produced.

Why showcase reproductions?
Kropserkel is an artistic design and fabrication studio with growing credits in the entertainment industry. Most of our creations are original commissioned works for the television and motion picture industry. But much in the same way that writers draft “spec” episode scripts for existing television shows to demonstrate their capabilities, so do we recreate props and costumes from existing properties to deepen our portfolio. In this way we can demonstrate our talents in a manner that is familiar and recognizable to potential and existing industry clients. When creating such “spec” works, our aim is to demonstrate our capabilities.

Can I get instructions or patterns to make any of these things myself?
Given the amount of time, research and effort that our group has put into these projects, we do not offer any of our custom patterns, offer tips, or provide anything of an instructional nature to organizations or individuals. Much in the way that a magician doesn't share their secrets, or an electrician walk you through an installation, we have adopted these analogies with parallel reasoning. That being said, there are a great deal of resources available online and in publications with respect to sculpting, mould making/casting, pattern making, blacksmithing, and leather working. Please take no offense, as certainly none is intended.

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