Costa's cannibalized retro-works:  One-of-a-kind artefacts. Steampunk weapons!

A retro ray gun made from cannibalized brass components. Fluid lights in the end glass globe and a blue beam comes out of the nozzle.

A second, larger blaster weapon

If Nemo had a lightsaber, this is what it would look like.


More original light sword designs.


A working sprung clock (with a feather tipped second hand).

A steampunk doll. Who said that all dolls are scary? This one can change anyone's mind. Isn't she a dream?




Prop weapons

Concussion rifle with flame attachment.  A prop made for the Space Channel's 'Spacey Awards'.  See our Alien page for an image from the set.

Original whimsical weapons of the universe.

Battle axes in metal and wood with a leather wrapped handle

Kropserkel Prop guns and gadgets

Some bugs that actually belong on the table. You'll never look at forks and spoons the same way again.

A whimsically designed prosthetic Captain Hook hand.

(Above left) A map to 'Neverland' on banana paper parchment, aged and weathered to look authentic. (Above right) Peter Pan's sword (note the 'P' guard) and Wendy's kiss thimble.  Peter Pan props by Nelson Costa.

U8TV's MSG (Money Shot Gun), a pneumatic cannon with pressurized air compartments designed to fire whipped cream projectiles at game show losers.
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