The Alien Costume (by Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger)

Alien actor John 'Kane' Hurt with Scott Maple as the 'Alien' at the Alien Legacy's 20th anniversary. John candidly referred to the creature as 'his son' (technically correct in the context of the film).

Scott on set as the Alien for the 'Spacey Awards' advertising.


The 'Spacey Awards' ad featured on YouTube, featuring actor, Kim Poirier.

The Alien versus Predator Parody spots




The trio of AvP spots used on the Space Channel in December 2007. Features the work of director Gord McWatters, an endless wellspring of science fiction parody. The Predator played by Scott Spence and Alien, Scott Maple.

Scott preparing to eat a Fox studio rep at the DVD anniversary release launch.

The Alien warrior suit from 'Aliens'. Apparently about 12 suits were made by Stan Winston Studios for James Cameron's Aliens. These suits were designed so that the actors wearing them were given greater freedom of movement. These had latex patches of detailing on a spandex bodysuit and full vest, hands, feet, tail and head pieces. The original 'Alien' suit done by Giger and team for the 1979 film was a complete, full body, foam latex outfit. Later versions of the suit were produced for London's 'Alien War' exhibit from the Winston moulds. Many of these suits were produced using latex rubber appliances for durability instead of the lightweight and breathable foam latex full coverage skins.

Lighting was used to conceal the spacing between detail castings in the costumes from 'Aliens'.

Mark rolls Scott as the Alien at TT2000. My first 'alien' project. This one with the smooth head is modeled after 'Alien I' built over a goalie helmet. Reese of B4 Productions unaware of the horror looming over him!  Note to self:  Alien drool does not behave just like hair gel.



Original 'Alien' design by Swiss Surrealist H.R.Giger. Check out his site at

People often mispronounce Giger's name. It's GEEGER not GEYGER (see page 73 in Giger's Alien book for confirmation).

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