Not A Fish Story
Avalanche Films 2002

A film by Anita Doron

Rose, a middle-class suburban housewife is faced with a crisis: her husband of thirty years wants to become a fish.
He builds himself a human-sized aquarium in the basement and begins his transformation into an amphibian.
Although worried about “what will the neighbours say”, Rose attempts to calmly maintain a marriage, a household and a man in a huge aquarium. But when she can no longer pretend that everything is normal, Rose finds a simple way to liberate both herself and her husband.

Silicone prosthetic appliances for character George.

Conceptual design and sculpting: Scott Maple and Richard Leggatt

Prosthetic moulding and casting: David Morrison, Scott Maple, and Richard Leggatt.

Prosthetic Application and special effects Make-Up: Carlos Henrique

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