The 'King of the Jungle' plaque, measuring 18"X 12".  This 3 dimensional piece will be given a faux bronze finish and features a small female by-stander (center-bottom).

The Uninvited Imp

Uninvited indeed.  A maquette that will literally put a tail between your legs.

These are preproduction 1/8th scale maquettes of creatures known as the 'Tree Golem' and the 'Stone Golem'. The script "Shifters" from author Ken Gallant will feature these supernatural characters to be realized as creature suits.

A Yoda sculpt study in faux bronze.

'Setekh', the bringer of chaos and destruction.
The area at the back of his head is flat to receive the horn extrusions

(Sculpt in progress).


Richard Leggatt working on skekSil as Scott Maple's skekTek looks on. Go to the SKEKSIS page.


There is a reason that this doesn't look like the Vader you've come to know and love!

Darth Vader's original helmet design from Ralph McQuarrie's production paintings. I thought it would be nice to see his early work brought to life in 3 dimensions. This is a work in progress and an early sculpt that is shown unrefined. The finished piece can be seen here.

Darth Maul's horns sit like a crown on his head. There are 10 horns in total, each one unique in form. They resemble a hybrid shark tooth/deer antler bone. These horns were formed on a glass head so that they have a concave base for full coverage adhesion.
The completed horns are here.

A collaborative effort by Scott Maple and Per Kapper (Denmark) to recreate the original H.R. Giger Alien 1 design.

A Masamune Shirow 'Fuchikoma' battle tank miniature.


Thanks to Jordan Samuel and Carleton for their talents in this recreation of Spawn for the world premiere in 1997. See our Spawn page here, including our updated versions of the costume.




Kropserkel Sculpts and other projects in the works:
Kropserkel Original Designs


Mahr-Suvekk, captain of the Black sands, wears a death dealing helmet. (Sculpt in progress)


Soon to be modified into Ghost In the Shell's cybernetic agent Major Motoko Kusanagi. Watch for upcoming haute couture anime costumes based on Masamune Shirow's fantastic works!

For B4 Productions' large scale aircraft model.
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