'Mark II' Spawn costume (2002)

These sculpts show the details present in the second incarnation of this costume. Using different materials, and having more time, we were able to achieve a higher level of detail in our casting of the mask than our previous foam latex version (shown lower on this page), which was fabricated for the world premiere gala promotion of the film in 1997.



'Mark I' Spawn costume (1997)

Version one Spawn (Scott Maple) with his creator

Todd McFarlane and animator Steve Williams.

The middle photograph shows when we adapted the eyes to an electric system. The night of the premiere, we used a liquid chemical called Cylume to illuminate the eyes. In the end, this wasn't the most practical application. As the first version of the suit, it was created with the aid of SPFX make-up artist Jordan Samuel, whose techniques and teachings have been valuable.

McFarlane and Williams also autographed an invitation card see it in the Autographs section.

SPAWN (movie version) Costume / stunt suit

'Mark III' Spawn costume (2008)

The 'Mark III" Spawn costume features a far more detailed body, an alternate version, and multiple components to enable better movement than a one part bodysuit. The new head sculpt is presently underway.

The reinforced natural rubber castings capture the detail of the sculpture, keeps musculature and raised details intact and popped at all times.

Single piece upper torso with concealed under arm zipper enclosure helps keep the illusion that this is your body and not just a rubber suit. A detailed and colour matched airbrush treatment with rubber paints keeps a strong and realistic finish.

'Mark II' Spawn costume (2002)

The first revisiting of this costume, the 'Mark II" Spawn mask with powered eyes.
The slots under the lenses are narrowed when the actor puts the mask on.

Eyes were fabricated using vacuum formed plastic lenses with diffusion layers and a green gel to give the correct eye effect. A slot was left underneath so that the wearer could see. Needless to say, this was an immense improvement over the Cylume filled condoms for pupils used into our 1997 effort.


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