The building up of Roma clay at this early stage when general weighing and facial structure is established.

Two of these characters are being crafted simultaneously: (skekSil the chamberlain, and skekTek the scientist). They will feature details painstakingly recreated in mixed media. These ornate and elaborate costumes will also feature original wardrobe, jewelry, and props.

Richard Leggatt shown working on skekSil, the Chamberlain's head (below) on a copper bar armature. SkekTek (left) is being sculpted by Scott Maple. Shown here, the early stage of the head sculpts where scale was established between the characters and to recreate the original size based on behind the scenes photography and film references. The volume and general shape of the heads were fabricated at this stage.

SkekTek the Scientist

All the skeksis had character traits as varied as their personalities. SkekTek features some mechanical implants that can be clearly seen in his eye socket and on his carapace. Much of SkekTek's right eye orbit is altered as if from an injury or mutilation

Skeksis Eyes
Both puppets will feature the incredible work of ocular specialist Daphne Archibald who has worked with us in the past on such projects as our Darth Maul lenses and Raptor eyes.  Daphne is the best in the business and recently worked on X-Men.  We can't wait to see what Daphne can do to help us create the window into the soul of the skeksis!


Skeksis -Dark Crystal 1:1 animatronic puppet costumes
and display pieces

SkekSil the Chamberlain & SkekTek the Scientist

Our preliminary skekSil (the chamberlain) drawings for conversion to 3 dimensions in Roma clay.

Brian Froud and Scott Maple.

We were honoured to have met with conceptual artist Brian Froud, a delightful and down to earth man who was sought by the Jim Henson creature shop to design these characters for the film. He shed some light about how he arrived at the final look of these creatures for us. Brian's brilliant work on this film can be seen in a new book that is being published on the World of the Dark Crystal.

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