Publicity, Events and Close Encounters
Toronto Sun May 2005
What better way to make use of some over the top Star Wars costumes, than to wear them for parody sake throughout your city.  We enjoyed plundering a few locations around Toronto while nearing the premiere of the prequel's third installment, 'The Revenge of the Sith'.  We caught an audience wherever we went, and managed to feed a few pigeons along the way.  Too much fun.
Where, when, and HOWE:  April 2005
Celebrated Tolkien artist John Howe , who was responsible for many of the conceptual designs of characters and places in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, including playing an important role in Jackson's pitching process for having the films made, visited Kropserkel at Scott and Brenda's home in Markham.  John was a pure delight, and a fascinating man to talk to on any subject.  He was incredibly generous with his time and very humble about his incredible visual contributions to the Lord of the Rings films and art in general.  John, along with Alan Lee, will undoubtedly go down in film history as being responsible for creating the definitive look of Tolkien's literary masterpiece.  More of Howe's conceptual work can be seen in the upcoming film The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe , amongst others.  We look forward to having you back John!  Links to John's recounting of the visit can be found here:


The Beaches Easter Parade, Toronto, March 2005

Scott (shown here wearing a screen used Necromonger costume from The Chronicles of Riddick), and company march in parade to share characters with enthusiastic parade attendees. 

Photo courtesy of Steven Lam. 


Horse Head Pillow Craze! December-January-February 2005
The world loves and accepts our horse head pillow into pop culture lore. 

Who could have guessed?  Several major men's magazines, television shows,  and radio interviews throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Chile, Brazil, and Australia ran stories on this piece.  Needless to say, we were pleased to make a 'pet rock' legacy that will hopefully stand the test of time.

Publicity included:  Playboy, Maxim, Stuff, TheWaveMag, Loaded UK, Bizarre UK, FHM Germany, FHM Poland, FHM Czechoslovakia, Playstation UK, The Paul O'Grady Show UK, etc.  

Creatively threatening a writer:  'The Godfather Returns', December 2004
Acclaimed novelist Mark Winegardner, author of one of the most highly anticipated literary sequels of all time met with Scott and Brenda (Kropserkel) in Toronto.  Shown with our horse head pillow, we're sure he's sleeping better these days, needless to say, the offer wasn't refused.
The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King premiere, December 2003
Bruce Hopkins (Gamling), Cliff Broadway (, and Scott Maple (Kropserkel) at the Paramount theatre attending the premiere of the film. Also in attendance but not pictured: Mark Ferguson (Gil-Galad) and Craig Parker (Haldir).
SFX August 2003
Denise Crosby was brave enough to put on a war face and tussle with Scott.  We spoke to her afterwards about her work on "Trekkies: 2" and found her to be a very down to Earth lady.  One must admire actors in this genre who can get out with the public and play.  Our hood is off to Denise Crosby.
Toronto Trek 16 July , 2002
Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) and Scott.  Daniels is incredibly entertaining and continues to be a fantastic ambassador for the Star Wars Universe and fan to actor relations everywhere.
Scott (as the RingWraith) gives the convention security officer a back adjustment.
Child Find's Charity screening for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, May 12, 2002
We had the pleasure of entertaining the guests attending the screening for charity. Lucasfilm Ltd. held the event with the generous offering of 100% of the proceeds donated to Child Find. Tickets were $250 and $500 on that day, and the event was an incredible success. We were graced with the presence of actor Hayden Christensen, who was humble and generous of his time.
The Beaches Easter Parade, Toronto, March 31, 2002
Waiting in line to march: (Left to right: Trooper 1 Grant, Orc Richard, Nazgûl Scott, Vader Kyle, Trooper 2 Mark, Fett Mike, Bounty Hunter Scott F.)
Southern California Prop Party, February 2002
A gathering of some of Southern California's prop collecting and building community came together to meet and show off the pride of their collections. The first of it's kind, the event was so successful it will no doubt be an ongoing endeavour.
Phoenix, Arizona Richard A. Coyle, February 2002
Richard Coyle with his 23rd Century phaser pointed at Scott in Richard's home, Phoenix, AZ. With a name synonymous with quality, Coyle's work has been seen in many productions including the Star Trek films. His collection is outstanding and he is an extremely knowledgeable resource about the finest of details. We were honoured to have met him and received a personal tour of his diverse body of work.
Toronto Trek 15, 2001
Scott 'Maul' and Brenda 'Seven of Croft' at TT.
Toronto Colossus Theatre Anniversary 2001
Guests to the science fiction themed Colossus theatre were entertained by a diverse cast of our costumed characters on their 2 year anniversary. Crowds would gather to watch as the next newcomers were startled by the 'statues' coming to life. The actors found it tough to contain their laughter watching frightened and shocked people reel back as they became animate. A favourite pastime of the Kropserkel crew, we suggest anyone trying this if you can hold your position for any length of time. Our cast has held position for 20 minute periods motionless in order to increase the effect of a mass surprise! (February 2001)
Toronto Creative House Martini Time Party 2000
The Creative House Martini Time party cast (for our friend Richard C.). Party guests were struck with an unexpected theatrical presentation that surrounded a raffled Handspring PDA. (November 30, 2000)
Toronto SFX 2000
Earth: Final Conflict's actor Richard Cheveleau (Auger), who went to high school with Scott, explains what he thought of the EFC props.
Death to con-goers! Bring our show back! Help us Richard Hatch, Mr. Larson, Bryan Singer, you're our only hope!
B4's Reese (Matic) gets choked by Scott in the prototype centurion gear. Very convincing Reese.
Mark shows acting prowess.
Richard gets a tracheotomy: centurion style!
Toronto Trek 14 -2000
Mark in his 'box' costume. He couldn't stand being contained in such close quarters to his own shoeless feet.

Scott (Alien) with Amanda Spano
The Beaches Easter Parade, Toronto, April 23, 2000
Prior to the march! (left to right: Stéphane Desrosiers, Mark Truelove, Kyle Bentley as V, Doug Fesko, Scott Maple as DM, and Bruno)
Toronto Sick Children's Hospital for the holidays 1999
From left to right: Reese (trooper Z), Kyle (V), David D. (trooper A), Justin (trooper B)
Front row: Scott (DM), Paul (gleeful Knight!)

Halloween 99
Frightening children at the door enabled us to keep a lot of goodies that would have otherwise been given away to trick or treaters.
Mercedes Ngoh (Return of the Jedi Twi-lek dancer) with our Sith Lords from different generations. Please note that DM'S robes are an early generation of our latest robes that can be seen here.
Toronto Trek 13 - 1999
DM insists that the Klingons keep their hands off. Glen Lent and Diane Jones as the Klingons.
Photo enhanced by Dave Gal

These guys belong to a Trek/Sci-Fi Fan Club...USS Bounty, command ship and home of Canada's fleet 357 Despite the way it looks, these were the most friendly and best looking Klingons we've ever met.
Toronto Sick Children's Hospital summer 99

Scott as DM having lost change in R2.
(note: these pictures depict an early version of our DM costume)
Star Wars characters visit Sick Children's Hospital....
Little DM is inspired !

Kim, Curtis, and Scott when Prequel merges with classic SW at Sick Kids


Curtis sporting Sun block SPF 100!

Yes, even DM has a mother!

David D. in our Knight gear
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