R2 met his soul mate here. When asked about it later, he commented that it was like 'an out of body experience'. Kenny seemed much more happy being outside the droid. This R2 is made of metal, plastic, wood, and glass (and then there's his guts-well, that's another story!)

R2 went to the pitcher's mound in Toronto's Skydome with Kenny Baker in August 99.

Some advice for other radio controlled robot owners:  We considered taking the robot to Sick Children's Hospital for one of our visits but considered that the radio frequencies could affect some of the medical equipment.  We took him but stayed at an outside event.  Be certain to ask questions of the representative before attempting a visit! 


Pictures of R2 with our Sony AIBO robot dog


Fabricated with a spun aluminium dome, ABS thermoplastic, resin cast detail components, glass, and a metal framework. R2 has a third leg (not shown) for locomotion and uses a tank drive system to manoeuvre. An onboard FM receiver and speaker system allows R2 to broadcast any sounds we play to him remotely (including a whole CD library of R2 sounds -Ben Burt, our hat is off to you!)
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