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'Philippe's articulated Iron Mask'
King Louis XIV of France is a cruel, sadistic monarch, engaged to marry Maria Theresa, the Queen Infanta of Spain.  She consents to this marriage even though she detests Louis, in order to keep war from breaking out in Europe.  When Louis learns that he has a twin brother, Philippe, who is loved by the people of France, he fears that he may be dethroned and has Philippe encased in the dreaded iron mask and imprisoned in the Bastille.

Never before realized in metal, here is our incarnation of the prop mask, with an articulated jaw and lockable chain harness system.  Forged and hammered in mild steel, this goes beyond the hero version of the screen used mask.    

This story isn't all fiction.  Read about it here (off site link)

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Man In The Iron Mask (1939)
(forged and hammered in metal)


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