"Fiend" and Greek Mythology chest plates

'Malevolent Majesty'

The crown for a warrior king with dark intentions.

'The Dragontail'

Consisting of 6 overlapping metal plates, each with a conical metal spike protruding along an arched ridge, this articulated forearm armour is bizarre looking. The plates fit over each other when flexing and are bound together by an under pad of leather and leather lacing. The middle finger is harnessed to hold the alignment of the armour.

The Slithe gauntlet

Based on an emu claw, this leather hide features salvaged leather from emu and traditional leathers. It has 4 brass buckles on the underside for harnessing. Bizarre.

The 'Necris' gauntlet

Body armour and jewelry in one, this 'Necris gauntlet' combines the elements of dark metal, bone, and leather. The index finger and thumb consist of 3 overlapping metal articulated plates. The hand plate has a skull motif with separately cut and welded teeth. The upper skull plate is attached by an articulated joint to the forearm plate and lower jaw of the skull.

The armoured plates are adhered to an elaborate leather strapping system with 4 aged brass buckles.
The anterior ridge plate features a metal sculpted muscle and 3 protruding cow horns, progressively larger toward the elbow tip.

The end finger (shown here on a small hand) has ornate metal detailing. The mouth on the skull opens to reveal leather when the wrist is bent. The metal has received a weathering wash treatment for an authentic, dark appearance. The thumb and index finger armour plates are shown here with the skull fangs profile.

We can make your design work a reality too.

Gothic Fantasy Armour and Adornments
(sculptures forged and hammered in metal)

Skull motif arm armour

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