Moria Orc Sword

The Moria Orc sword replica crafted here in polyurethane plastic and finished to resemble a crudely forged and hammered weapon. The Orcs fashioned their weapon of choice to best suit their fighting style and to emulate the weapon wielded by their most feared deity, the Balrog. The handle features a weathered leather wrapped grip and a spiked pommel.

Moria Orc Armour
The Moria Orc armour (shown here in cast polyurethane plastic)
in it's rusted and spiny incarnation echoes images of cave dwelling insects, and deep sea fish which they would have subsisted upon. The WETA conceptual design team brilliantly reinvented J.R.R. Tolkien's goblins for the Fellowship of the Ring.

This multi-layered outfit features airbrushed latex skins, dyed and weathered cloth, leather and chain maille, and carapace like plastic armour painted to accurately simulate corroded iron.

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Our Moria Orc was a character in this Space Channel parody in 2006

LOTR Moria Orc costume replica

"They have taken the bridge, and the second hall.  We have barred the gates, but we cannot hold them for long.  The ground shakes.  Drums...drums in the deep.  We cannot get out.  A Shadow moves in the dark.  We cannot get out.  They are coming."

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