LOTR Dark Lord Sauron helmet and costume

I spy with my flaming lidless eye, something that is pointy!  Currently a work in progress and still in the sculpting stage (please watch this page for updates!).  This magnificently designed evil helmet is the chosen battle armour by the dark lord himself.  The design resembles that of an ornate goat or steer skull with a crown of blades.

We are planning to house a small smoker unit inside the helmet on display so that safe smoke wafts out from the eyes, nostrils, and the base of the piece, just as when Sauron was first separated from his ring by Isildur's severing swipe.

Once the helmet is finished, we are planning on completing the costume with the most ornately designed body of armour we have seen to date.  Kudos to those incredible designers and armourers at WETA.

FOR SALE NOTICE: We presently have a small number of United Cutlery licenced and numbered 1:1 scaled

Sauron Helmets in stock, please contact us for details.


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