Display Mannequin comes to life
This is a Kropserkel trademark prank, and we've done it so often over the years, but it never gets old, mainly because the victims deliver such unique reactions. 

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Bug Pizza
Having acquired a myriad of local pizzas with boxes, and a healthy supply of fresh, active meal worms and crickets, a campaign of pizza ordering commenced.  Unsuspecting pizza delivery people were issuing change while pizzas were swapped with bug infested pies.  Horrified reactions were caught on video from three angles.  Eww!

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Statue Tipping unit
Victims were brought to the principal's office and asked to fill out a questionnaire while the principal left the room for a moment. During that period our remote control device would cause an expensive looking statue to fall off the desk and smash. The reactions were recorded and victims tried to explain what happened. Devilishly fun stuff.

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This prank was repeated with a gold R2-D2 statue valued at $1500 on display at a local comic shop called the Silver Snail in Toronto.  As R2 took a dive, those nearest went into 'on-the-fly' financing mode.  Funny!

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Fake ATM
A prop that is a clone of an ATM unit that houses an actor that can operate a number of on board gags. The conscience of stealing money from a machine is quickly vanquished when the human hand extends from the unit to reclaim the dough. Horror quickly turns to laughter on the realization that they were just "pranx'd".

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Pee Doll
A doll carried like a real baby rigged with a bladder bag of warm water. Various scenarios were played out with the baby 'messing' on people in hot tubs, at lunch, etc.

Knocking/Talking unit
Simply, a device that can be put in a small area like a box or a locker with a 'hammer arm' and a speaker system with FM receiver. The unit was operated by a remote user who could throw his voice and 'knock' from inside a place where he tries to solicit help from passer bys.

The 'X' Pranks (CBC Television)
These prop gags were fabricated by Kropserkel and brilliantly staged in production by WSM Productions
for CBC Television.

Everyone is entertained by watching an unsuspecting person as they fall victim to a prank. Kropserkel was brought on board to create some unique gags to play on the public for a CBC television show called The 'X'. Below are a few of the pranks we created.

The Flopping Fish

Pictured above are two prank fish.  The top is a solid silicone casting of a 'buffalo fish'.  This solid replica is fitted with an invisible wire that is used to flip the fish into the air once it is served to the unsuspecting victim.  A simple device to be sure, but one that moves and has the weight and action of a fish that is still very much alive.  The lower fish is a hollow casting of the same fish.  This one houses a mechanized device with a radio control unit.  The internal motor causes the fish to vigorously flap it's tail at the whim of the operator.  Needless to say that this may cause alarm if not a complete loss of appetite.  Fun!

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The disgusting, completely unrecognizable animal in the basket trick

Alright, we went too far with this one and we now know it.  The recipe called for a disgusting pet bundled in a blanket that would shock just about anyone who dared to have a peek to see what was 'free to a good home'.  Once this little guy was slimed up with special effects gooey slobber, he was ready to make his television debut at a local pet store.  The reactions of onlookers was exactly what was intended; horror and disgust in the highest order.  Most people couldn't bear to even look at it for any duration.  Very funny stuff though.  Unfortunately, deemed just too much 'something' for it to be aired.

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