(APRIL 30, MAY 1 & 2, 1999)
Pre-release of The Phantom Menace

We were lucky enough to run into the man of the hour under an f-14. Ray was very friendly and was flanked by his girlfriend and a bodyguard (not that he needed one!) You can see that his hair has grown in nicely since production completed. (His abdomen was also intact). For those of you who don't know, Ray Park played Darth Maul and the headless horseman in Sleepy Hollow.

Rick McCallum, producer of The Phantom Menace was also a really friendly person. Rick was most entertaining to listen to on the subject of TPM.



Don Bies, R2-D2's operator went unrecognized in the building to the untrained eye. He was near the little droid with his hands suspiciously hidden behind his back at R2's radio controls. Although R2 continued to plague the TPM set with technical difficulties, Don brought new developments to R2 like on onboard video camera and wheelchair motors to help him overcome any obstacles. We think R2 deserves an Oscar for his role in the saga.

Don Post and Scott at his booth featuring all of the new masks, helmets, and statues. Stuff is so much better these days! Look at some of the TPM stuff they did!

Dale demonstrates why Starwars was never released in Smell-o-vision (wookiees stink!)

The stunt prop of Darth Maul's lightsabre. (looks like it's missing some buttons though.

C-Thru-P O as he is affectionately referred to by ILM folks. This was a great puppet of the full sized early rods with animatronic grips extruded from his back for green screen operation. This was one of the most impressive pieces at the convention. This was a prop that could withstand extreme close ups without looking bad. My hat is off to the model makers behind this treasure.

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