Short Range Combat Pistol ( SE-14r Light Repeating Blaster )

Finally, an alternative or back up to the standard issue E-11
It's a multiple pour roto-cast one piece body made with impact resistant polyurethane. Lightweight and durable, and a nice variant (or compliment) to the E-11. The scope is a real .22 caliber rifle scope that's been both clamped and screwed to the scope rail, and mounted backwards. The overall length of the pistol itself is 11 3/4", and 12 3/4" with the scope overhang at the rear, nice and manageable.

A highly detailed one handed blaster prop for the trooper who needs better dexterity in the field, or the easy, one handed 'Dirty Harry' persona that exists in all of us.

A leather holster is also completed to ensure that this prop is portable. Watch this page for more. Interested? Contact us with the link below.

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