The restraining helmet for Dallas: Metal & plastic

Details showing the swivel eye piece and nasal hose.

The temples have fixed electrode points.

On set take using the oral probe. Crew in the foreground.

The pincer

The doctor's office set.

Doctor Lena using the oral probe on Dallas with the advancing pincer drill.

Doctor Lena (Francisca Zentilli Earth: Final Conflict)

Doctor Tivadar (Dan Bruce Earth: Final Conflict) wearing his environment regulator.

Environment regulators on a leather collar/harness. Disguises for the microphones, these fortify the personal oxygen supply in a depleted world.

3 Hero versions with microphones inside.

The oral probe that is designed to extract DNA from the throat. A rotating and extendible pincer functions in this prop.

The pincer in the transparent chamber approaches the subject's mask.

The power pack of the oral probe unit.

The pincer drill.

A film by Anita Doron

Retro-futuristic props were built for a consumerist and totalitarian society based introspective film about loss of control and identity.

Dallas/Pandora (actor Sarah Plommer from TV's 'Code name: Eternity') in the restraint helmet (metal and ABS plastic).


This design later inspired another project creation for 'Blank Slate'. See our page here.


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