Conceptual design of lead vocalist Fernanda's armoured but mobile costume. Normally this would be considered an oxymoron but it was devised that her armour would be padded PVC.

Brenda modeling the Japan astronaut outfit.

The USA astronauts were to be hard armoured. We used white ABS and a PVC codpiece and butt plate for better movement. The art director asked for a cross between astronauts and Stormtroopers.


The USA body armour chest and back (with back pack) in 0.08 gauge ABS plastic.




A couple of storyboards showing actions that Fernanda will have to be able to accomplish in her padded armour.


Brazil's PATO FU

'Made In Japan'

WINNER of MTV's award for Best Art Direction 2000!
John, Fernanda, Xande, and Ricardo pose in production for their Japanimation music video
where the USA and Japan scrap with Mech warriors.

Fernanda (lead) pilots her mech!

"It's not easy bein' red" (to closely quote Kermit).

A Brazilian publication touting the success of the video

A Brazilian page describing the making of this video.

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