Female power incarnate.

Training version of the rigging with stunt rubber pistols and clips.

A signature component for adventurers where danger is not only possible - but likely!  The ensemble of metal and leather make for sexy and dangerous apparel.

Stunt rubber pistols and clips.

The skull and crossed bones version of the buckle in simulated brass (powder coated polyurethane).



LC Type leather wrist bracers

The wrist bracer in leather. Is there anywhere on the human body that leather doesn't look good?

Back Pack with leather harness and compartment sections

The perfect sexy and stylish leather and ABS backpack for the adventurer who has everything and needs to keep it somewhere. The profile of the pack is also unique and the exterior shell protects the contents from impact and aerodynamic drag on a motorcycle.
Dimensions are as follows:
(H:33cm W:28cm D:16cm or H:13” W: 11” D: 6.25”)

Holster Details

The holsters feature a unique internal metal structure to cradle the pistols and are made for quick release action!

Lara Croft TOMB RAIDER Costume


The Dead Zone means another opportunity for a bold fashion statement.
Our DZAC page with more pictures.

The second incarnation of the gun rigging featured a brown stitched leather variant. Burned bronze fittings, a dingier buckle colour and other slight pattern variations make up the differences visible in the evolving LC look. The reinforced holsters and elastic garters kept firearms at perfect reach length.

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