JS conceptual pilot helmet (retro-futuristic)

Unique fighter pilot armour

Pulling G's and taking down bogies in style; Kropserkel has your six!

The evolution of fighter pilot hardware (or history, depending on your perspective), could take some interesting directions. This is the beauty of working with individual creativity, and we have the benefit of growing ideas into tangeables from the conceptual drawings of our clients. In this case we were given some free license, and incorporated some details from past and present in this retro-futuristic design.

The formed ABS faceplate is removable (as is the breathing hose, made to attach to a life support backpack). The red acrylic lense swivels up for plain sight.

The client's design clearly shows a unique take on flight head gear. A fighter pilot himself, we're not sure if this piece will ever fly the friendly skies, but we can dream.


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