Cloaked in Style

A Rogue Knight cloak.  An original design for a powerful character who has yet to decide which way to sway.  This outfit featured a full ensemble of clothing, also unique.  Watch this section for more photos of this outfit in action!

An Obi-Wan type cloak replica in a heavy wool.

Master Replicas' Celebration 3 Stunt Costume Accessories

Original leather Sith and Jedi type belts for the Master Replicas stunt Force FX lightsaber fight.  These were fabricated with freedom of movement in mind.

For Master Replicas: Light versus darkCan you guess who is on which side of the fence?


Underclothing, because you could get arrested for wearing nothing but a cloak around the universe.


Knight Light!

The spectacular display of black belt fighters using the Master Replicas Force FX lightsabers in a combat demonstration.  Lucky Star Wars: Celebration 3 attendees were privy to a light show of force.  Kropserkel designed and provided the actors with stunt belts and cloaks fabricated to endure, and not restrict the acrobatic movements of the fighting duo.


Behold the whirlwind of colour as the actors fought with their Master Replicas Force FX blades.  There is no fancy Photoshop work here, this is exactly how the photos looked. 

Check out the full combat demo VIDEO Master Replicas site here.


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