Jango Fett's WESTAR-34 Blaster Replicas
The incredible talent behind Braveheart joins Kropserkel in the pursuit of building an incredibly accurate and precision crafted set of ALL METAL Westar-34 blasters. Behold the fruits of the effort that is estimated at roughly 500+ hours of examination, programming, machining and hand working.

The twin pistols shown above in partially exploded form.



A comfortable ergonomic metal grip in symphony with a well balanced pistol make for a very retro-futuristic design.
A high polished aluminium compensator has exhaust ports that are bead blasted for contrasting metal finishes. Careful examination inside the ports reveal the continued bore into the brass muzzle tip section that traverses the compensator section. The most gorgeous piece of 6061 T-6 aluminium to grace a space age firearm. Yes, the grip section is solid metal. It received a special buffing treatment to make for a more matte finish in the polish to imitate the painted resin version that adorned the original prop. Our use of metal has also helped to balance the weapon quite nicely. Both hex bolts are threaded and countersunk, one functionally holds the highly polished aluminium base plate. Note also the 2 mounted and countersunk hex screws (each at their own angle to follow the curvature of the base to avoid gaps between the heads and the base plate).

The static trigger and guard are solid high polished aluminium and the trigger is wider than the tip of the guard fin. The brass pin hides a machined pin holding the trigger assembly in place. Removing the one piece trigger/guard reveals the machine bolts that traverse the cradle of the grip into the barrel cuff.

All components were custom fabricated out of solid stock and all thickness were controlled for perfectly fitting parts.  Absolutely no gaps appear anywhere.  See the barrel cuff above and mating with the grip section.
Also clearly shown in this image, is the thickness of the walls of the barrel section, which were controlled by cutting out of a solid stock. It was machined from the inside out.  Note the space that appears between the outer barrel and the solid brass inner barrel assembly.

Pray you never find yourself on the business end of one
of these babies.

Jango Fett Westar 34 holsters in leather.
The barrel section is shown here on the solid acrylic display stand with acrylite couplings for the base and supports. This unit will soon be adapted to hold the full pistol. In order to maintain a crisp flawless edge on the font for the base, the piece had to be machined at 10/1,000 ths of an inch per pass. The process took the machine about 9 hours to complete, but the results are stunning.


The rendered images of the display unit by Braveheart.
The purple colour represents a crystal clear acrylite that the base is being made from. The piece will feature a polished aluminium nameplate with screws to match the pistol and cool polished or grained finish feet that can be viewed traversing the clear acrylite block.

The all aluminium grip is bead blasted to resemble the painted resin look of the original. Funny, we're actually trying to make metal look like plastic which is the reverse in most cases. Triggers, pins, and palm plate are next. The barrel section is attached by hidden machine screws. The twin pistol barrel sections are shown above with one in exploded form. The barrel support is not shown attached yet, and will be present when seated on the grip section.
The barrel has bored out brass in the muzzle head with exhaust ports. A solid brass component runs the length of the body inside the barrel. The interior of the compensator exhaust ports are glass bead blasted for a contrasting finish and are brass as they get closer to the core.
The muzzle with overload flash dissipater ports section is shown here highly polished. The bored out ports are precisely angled toward the center of the barrel and are half brass as they reach the core of the transport tube. The compensator is brass cored right through back to the body. The overload flash dissipater ports came out very cleanly without any break-a-way (unlike the originals which appear broken). These ports also turn to a brass ellipse as they reach the core, which looks really interesting. For contrast, the inside of the ports were glass bead blasted for a slightly muted finish.
Also note that the internal brass rod is recessed into the body and not right against the openings along the body.
The ‘revolver’ end of the piece has 6 bored holes appear in beveled and rounded ‘hammer’ area just aft of the ‘gas and power cell cartridge’. The brass tip hammer follows through with the end-to-end yellow metal of the design. The trenches on the revolver section are also glass bead blasted for contrast, while the two vertical trenches on the gas and power cell cartridge was not.

3 D rendering of the grip section by Braveheart in Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 6.

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