The Maschinenmensch project

Kropserkel Inc. (Canada) & WSM Art Management (Germany) announce the official reincarnation of the most iconic symbol of science fiction in the history of film, the female robot 'Maschinenmensch' aka 'Maria', 'False Maria', 'Futura', and 'Hel'.

The Partnership and Mission

Since its formation in 1997 Kropserkel’s conceptual designs have been in demand worldwide by Film, Television, and Music Video Productions, Replica Prop Prototypes, Dynamic Events, Print Media Pieces, Displays, and Privately Commissioned pieces.

It was Kropserkel’s quality workmanship and reputation that caught the attention of Bertina Schulze-Mittendorff (daughter of Walter Schulze-Mittendorff), amongst other profound works, he is the creator and sculptor of the iconic Metropolis Robot 'Maschinenmensch'. Kropserkel Inc. has partnered with WSM Art Management, and solely represents the management of the Metropolis properties that were licensed independently of the film by the estate of Schulze-Mittendorff.


The Metropolis Robot Maria, originally designed and fabricated in Berlin by master sculptor, Walter Schulze-Mittendorff in 1925-26 for Fritz Lang's highly influencial, science fiction epic silent film "Metropolis" (1927), the robot, most accurately known as the 'Maschinenmensch', was created in the period of the expressionist movement, and has become synonymous with the art deco style, and continues to be an inspiration to all who dream and design our future.

This site shall chronicle the 6 year effort to faithfully recreate the figure, cover it's public appearances the world over, and most importantly, reveal the deeper meaning of the Maschinenmensch as it applied to audiences then, and how we are in service to it now.

Released in 1927, and projecting 100 years into the dystopian future of 2027, now only 13 years away, we are the subject generation depicted in the film Metropolis.