The Sith Order Brooch

A holographic DS shown wearing the Sith Brooch.

Utilizing close up photos of the original costume brooch, we sculpted our latest version of this prop in clear epoxy resin and painted it with a gloss black topcoat just as the original appeared. We just feel bad wearing it.

Here is Paul wearing the Mark I robe. We wanted to make it clear that his personality in no way reflects that of the character he portrays here.

***Please note that cloak's chain pictured in this photo is a mock-up only and not the final version as seen when pictured individually.


Darth Sidious Emperor costume

Cloaked Phantom: The ROTJ 'DS' robe

Anyone that DM would call 'master' has to be 'hard-core bad'. This sinister robe set has a unique hand dyed textile that isn't quite definable as black or blue. Unlike the Knight or DM robes, the DS cloak has elongated sleeve openings, and the neck region is kept closed by an equally unique gloss black brooch clasp. A close up detail of the textile texture, and undergarments are shown here.

The DS (Mark I)

Our earliest incarnation of this robe utilized a heavy upholstry fabric.

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