Catwoman costume Adam Hughes design

Why can't all cat burglars look like this?

Form fitting glossy bodysuits and leather whips aren't new to the internet, but this femme fatale has eight more lives than any of her predecessors.

Hughes' illustrations of inspiration. Unlike many comic book character stylizations, Adam Hughes' Catwoman design depicts an achievable real world costume.

Take me to your creator!

Adam maintained a hand in the creation of this costume throughout the process, and San Diego Comic Con 2009 was to be the foray for our black clad anti-hero to make personal contact. (Illustrator Adam Hughes and Meghan).


Projects like these require a substantial time investment, and there were absolutely no reservations that model Meghan Campbell would be able to bring the most important character aspects to the role. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject matter is peerless, and her cat like mannerisms translated extremely well in costume.

Meghan at Kropserkel testing the dexterity with the claw gauntlets.


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