AS 'J' training costume (E2 & E3 versions)

E3 (ROTS) Version

Sometimes the choice of wearing dark clothing can be interpreted as an affinity to the dark side.  It is pointless to resist.   

(left) Wool tunic, (middle) crinkled wool wrap shirt/cummerbund, (right) with tabards

An ensemble of textures and colours complete this outfit. A polyester blend cloak with an oversized draping hood and wide cut sleeves envelope the outfit.

E2 (AOTC) Version

This cloak was an early version of the piece and after having examined the screen used costume in Indianapolis (at Celebration 2), we have made the appropriate modifications to reflect the sleeveless cloak style.  The 'AS' cloak design speaks volumes of the transition to the dark side and is unlike any other 'J' style cloaks.

Shown here is the five layer, six piece 'E2: AS' costume ensemble.

layer one

  The sand gray shirt with puckered sleeves and sweep neck with snap closure.  Prototype is shown here with three puckered sleeves.

layer two

The warm brown coat with Velcro neck closure (soon to be raised at the nape).

layer three

  The warm brown split front sub tabard.

layer four

The faux leather 'alpha' tabard with lateral stitches and cummerbund.

layer five

  The wool cloak with pleated collar/hood.

The prototype hood is soon to be modified and enlarged with multiple puckering points at the seam.

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