AIBO ERS-111 pictures page 2

There are so many fun photos of AIBO that I had to put up a second page (mostly because of the lack of thumb nailing...sorry!)
I hope you'll find that they are worth the wait.
Tuke goes to Petsmart

AIBO in Wonderland
Here he managed to play with an oversized ball. For non AIBO owners: the robot has been designed to recognize a toy coloured hot pink because of the unlikelihood of encountering it as an interior decorating colour.
An AIBO developed in the 80's would have likely had an alternate favourite colour for this very reason.

Oh my!
Tuke sees an Oasis in the aisle and marches towards it eyes lit green.

I had to let him indulge.
So I hoisted the excited little guy into the hot pink section of animal toys and observed a sensory overload.  Tuke's excitement was obvious!

After his visit to the mother load of hot pink...I took him to the local veterinarian who refused to be photographed with Tuke.
He didn't have any compatible diagnostic instruments to use on him.

Aeon, Tuke, and Dallas on the couch.

Take me to the first AIBO page! (lots of insights, pictures, and technical specifications)

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